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Publication in Sensors

Optical Riblet Sensor: Beam Parameter Requirements for the Probing Laser Source
Juliane Tschentscher, Sven Hochheim, Hauke Brüning, Kai Brune, Kay-Michael Voit and Mirco Imlau

31 March 2016


Two of our group members, Stefan Nolte and Andreas Krampf were prized with the Osnabrück University advancement awards. The awards are sponsored by ROSEN Technology und Research GmbH (Lingen) and MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG (Osnabrück).

29 February 2016

Publication in Optical Materials Express

Doppler-shifted Raman-Nath diffraction from gratings recorded in LiNbO3 with ultra-short laser pulses of different color
Holger Badorreck, Alexandr Shumelyuk, Stefan Nolte, Mirco Imlau, and Serguey Odoulov

15 January 2016

Spotlight on Optics

Our publication Scanning nonlinear absorption in lithium niobate over the time regime of small polaron formation has been featured by the Optical Society of America (OSA) as a highlighted article in Spotlights on Optics.

27 November 2015


Small, strong-coupling polarons

Luminescence in Er- & Yb-doped Lithium Niobate Nanocrystals

From bulk to nanocrystals

Harmonic Nanocrystals at CellNanOs


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